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Kathryn Grace Coaching

Life Coaching and Career Guidance so you can accomplish your goals, overcome obstacles, and reach your potential.


We all need people on our team. Life coaching is a way for you to grow and to achieve your goals. It’s a collaborative process focused on helping you experience life the way you want to experience it.  Life coaching provides the guidance and tools to allow you to discover what you need and make positive life changes.


As a life coach, I work within a holistic framework and believe our inner guidance is the wisest. I provide the tools and techniques to facilitate clarity, insight, and breakthroughs that lead to positive change. 


I use a range of approaches:

·    Person-centred approach focussed on talk therapy, observant listening, and holding space for you.

·    Solution-focussed approach to help you reach your goals.

·    Mindfulness-based approach focussed on being present and aware of thoughts and feelings so you can choose new ways to respond. It helps manage strong emotions safely and positively, bring clarity and a sense of calm.

·    Hypnotherapy as a tool for change and transformation.

·    The Emotions Code to clear blocked emotions.

·    Bespoke Bach Flower remedies to balance emotions and bring harmony.


Life coaching is all about helping you get clarity on your goals and supporting you to reach them. To do that, we may explore any limiting beliefs or blocks to uncover anything holding you back and stopping you from reaching your potential. Shining a light on what's happening beneath the surface enables you to move forward with more ease and brings you closer to achieving your goals.


Unlock your


Become confident and believe in yourself

Connect to and trust your inner guidance

Create more for yourself

Feel uplifted, inspired, and excited for life

Claim your worth

Make a positive change

Reach your goals

I'd love to help you. 
You can book your Life Coaching

session here. 



Hello and welcome. I’m so pleased you’ve found me and my corner of the internet.
For as long as I remember, I’ve had a passion for personal growth and development. We all have amazing potential and are capable of much more than we often allow ourselves to experience. Sometimes we just need the right support, guidance, and tools to help us flourish.
My coaching career started in 2010 as a Job Coach and Career Adviser and then expanded in 2016 to include Life Coaching.  Helping people discover and connect with their greatest potential is what I love to do.

My coaching approach is based on talk therapy and uses a range of modalities and approaches personally tailored to you and your goals. I have a range of experience and qualifications to support you - Life Coach, Career Adviser, Hypnotherapist, Emotion Code practitioner, a degree in Psychology and trained in Bach Flower Remedies and Mindfulness. 

I use a range of tools and techniques to help you move through blocks and limiting beliefs that hold you back. 

We have so much potential just ready to be unlocked. I want everyone to know just how worthy and capable they are! 

Rocky Mountain

“I have seen a handful of therapists throughout my life and have found my sessions with Kathryn to be more effective than any of them. She is helpful in a non-clinical way that just gives newfound peace and insights and I always feel such incredible joy after our sessions that is longer lasting than other approaches I've had. Her authentic care, questions and insights keep me thinking and growing as a person between our sessions. “

Beautiful Landscape

“The effect the coaching has had after one session has been big. A major benefit has been to not be so hard on myself that ones’ feelings and experiences are real. How I deal with them was/is/will be the best way I knew/know how at the time. I noticed I feel a lot more at ease and accepting of things. 
The coaching gave me the direction and clarity I needed for now. My first session exceeded my expectations and as it was only my first I feel having further sessions will enhance not only my personal growth and outlook on life in general.“

Mountain Landscape

“Kathryn was also able to delve into a deep wound for me during our session and uncover something that I haven't experienced someone getting to on that deep level. She has a very authentic genuine healing.“

"I love the stunning combination of tools, intuition and personal power that Kathryn Grace brings to her coaching. Being both intuitive and direct she delivers her insights with clarity and a call to action that can create breakthrough results. "

Got a question, want to know more, or would like to book a session? Get in touch here. 

Sessions can be online or in person either at

85 The Terrace, Wellington,

or in Brooklyn, Wellington. 

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