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Bach Flower remedies are a natural, simple, and effective way to support your wellbeing and bring emotional balance into your life.

​Mother nature has provided many amazing healing plants for us that are not to be underestimated! Plants provide therapeutic healing on many levels – not just physically but emotionally and spiritually as well. 

​​Flowers bring a particular therapeutic healing.   When their healing vibration is extracted or infused, they become a flower essence or flower remedy.  This subtle energy medicine works to balance our emotions and restore wellbeing.  These flower remedies help ease distress and fight ill-health by enabling harmony and peace. 

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​About Bach Flower Remedies

​Bach Flower remedies are a system of plant-based, natural healing that works at a cellular level to heal and move through emotional wounds, unlock emotional blocks, and clear unwanted patterns. Using these gentle but powerful remedies brings balance and well-being and can be a catalyst for change at a deep emotional level.

​There are 38 different remedies, each with its own healing quality. Your personalized blend will contain a combination of remedies (normally between 5-7) selected for you and your specific needs.

​The remedies are safe and easy to take. There are no side effects. They are safe for children, animals, and you can take them if pregnant, and alongside other medication you may be taking.

Your bespoke Bach Flower blend

Each flower essence is intuitively selected by Kathryn Grace and blended with love. It will be exactly what you need to bring the most healing into your life right now.

​You’ll understand why each flower has been selected and what healing it brings. This creates a cognitive understanding and connection to the healing. Having an awareness of what is needing to shift and an intention to do so, facilitates the healing. You'll be amazed at the accuracy of the remedies selected. 

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About the 38 Bach Flower Remedies 

The following is a list of the 38 remedies and a brief description of what each helps with. Know that there is much more to be understood and this is just a general overview.


 Helps those who appear cheerful and humorous, but actually hide their anxieties, worries, pain, and fear behind a mask.


Helps to deal with ungrounded, vague fears and worries and a sense of something going wrong, yet it is not known what.


Helps those who need to see more good and joy around them. It helps to be less critical and brings tolerance and understanding of those around them.


Helps when weak-willed, overeager to please or can’t say 'no'. May subjugate own desires for those of another.


Helps when there is a lack of confidence, a doubt in own judgement, and a lack of trust in one's own decisions. May overly seek advice and confirmation from others.

Cherry Plum

Helps when one is fearful of their own thoughts and there is a fear of mental breakdown or losing control, usually when the mind has been over-strained.

Chestnut Bud

Helps when there is a failure to learn from experience and one repeats the same mistakes. Shown when one rushes into the next thing before stopping to reflect on past experience.


Helps those who are over-possessive, overprotective or overly mindful of the needs of others causing a need to correct or find things to put right, or have those they care about near them.


Helps those who struggle to concentrate or be in the present. May appear dreamy, withdrawn, or preoccupied.

Crab Apple 

 Helps when obsessing over personal appearance, when there is a negative body image or when someone feels as if they’re not quite clean. It is the cleansing remedy.


Helps when one is feeling temporarily inadequate or that a task is too difficult. Everyday responsibilities become too overwhelming to cope with.


 Helps when feeling discouraged after a setback. The delay or hindrance may be small or larger but there will be feelings of doubt, disheartenment, depression, and a loss of belief that everything will work out.


Helps when there is feelings of hopelessness and despair and a belief that no more can be done for them.


Helps when there is self-centeredness and self-concern which can show in wanting to talk about problems excessively and being unhappy if alone for any length of time.


This is the essence for feelings of universal love. Helps those struggling with thoughts of hatred, envy and jealousy, suspicious and aggressive.


Helps those who live in the past and unable to move forward. It eases feelings of regret, homesickness, nostalgia of a better time, or lost opportunities.


Helps ease mental weariness. It helps when there is a feeling of being tired at the thought of doing something. Also helps with procrastination and motivation. It clears the head and raises energy levels. 


Helps when there are frustration and irritability by the slowness of others and a wish for things to be done without hesitation or delay. It brings patience.


Helps when there is a lack of faith in oneself and feeling less capable than those around them which may lead to not making a strong enough attempt to succeed. Raises self-confidence.


Helps when there is fear of known things such as pain, illness, needles, spiders, being alone or disappointment. Helps with shyness and insecurity.


Helps in times of gloom or despair even when it may not be possible to give an explanation or reason for it. It eases depression and brings joy and hope.


Helps anyone exhausted by their work, struggling on through a strong sense of responsibility. Brings ease and relaxation.  


Helps those who are experiencing mental or physical exhaustion and feeling unable cope with life. Restores vitality and strength.


 Helps when there are feelings of guilt and self-blame for things out of their control.

Red Chestnut

Helps those who worry for the welfare of loved ones. Brings faith that things will turn out OK.

Rock Rose

Helps when feeling very frightened or terrified, or when there appears no hope. Can be used following accidents or illness.

Rock Water

Helps those who hold high, inflexible or strict, standards for themselves and pursue perfection often with a denial of the pleasures of life.


Helps those who have trouble with indecision and uncertainty, particularly when unable to decide between two things or paths to take. Brings poise, balance, and intuitive decision making.

Star of Bethlehem 

Helps to ease the pain of mental, physical, or emotional trauma following a shock or when there has been distress for a time that has resulted in great unhappiness. A very comforting remedy.

Sweet Chestnut

For those moments when there is extreme mental anguish that is too much to bear, and a feeling of reaching the limit of endurance.  Sweet chestnut signals a great change and a new direction.


Helps when there is an over-enthusiasm or confidence that comes with fixed ideas and principles.


Helps when there is dominance, inflexibility, and certainty in own ability to be right. Helps to align with the common good.


Helps when facing major change and can assist with moving and breaking the bonds with the past. It also gives protection from unwanted influences.

Water Violet

Helps with pride and aloofness. This is a remedy for those who like to be alone though can feel isolated or distanced from others.

White Chestnut 

This helps those who cannot prevent unwanted thoughts, worries and mental arguments. This remedy can help with sleep.

Wild Oat 

Helps those who have ambitions or potential to fulfil but there is uncertainty over the direction in life to take.

Wild Rose

Helps when there is a resignation or apathy to life and surrender without complaint. There may be a gliding through without effort to improve things and find joy.


For those who have experienced adversity or misfortune and find these difficult to accept. There be feeling powerless, self-pity, resentment and bitterness. 

Rescue Remedy 

Contains Star of Bethlehem, Rock Rose, Cherry Plum, Impatiens and Clematis.

  • What can the Bach Flower remedies be used for?
    The remedies can be used for so many things! These are some of the things they can help with: -overwhelm -recovering from setbacks -hopelessness or despair -jealously -resentment -shocks -exhaustion -need of direction or clarity -feeling at your wit's end -nightmares -lacking confidence -impatience or feeling frustrated -the inability to say no -perfectionism -being too hard on yourself -lacking trust in your own decisions -fear of losing control -poor self-image -feeling discouraged -letting go of the past -fear, guilt or self-blame -worry about others -insomnia -an overactive mind and unwanted thoughts -feeling disconnected -shyness -grief -tantrums -transitions
  • How do you take the Bach Flower Remedy?
    The remedy is very easy to take. It comes blended with pure water in a small bottle. It is recommended that you take four drops, four times a day. You place the drops on or under your tongue and let them absorb. ​ As the remedy is 100% safe, you are also able to take it more times if you need. You take the remedy until it's gone – usually just over two weeks. ​ ​ Some people prefer to add their drops to water and sip this throughout the day. ​ ​For pets, the remedy can be added to their food or water or rubbed into their fur. ​ ​There is no wrong way to take the remedy and how you take it depends on what feels right for you.
  • What's in a Bach Flower blend?
    Each personalised blend will contain two drops of each remedy and include anywhere from one to seven remedies. It is filled with pure water. A 30ml/1 oz treatment bottle is standardly used. Sometimes a small amount of alcohol (5mls) is added to the remedy to preserve it.
  • Why do people get  different blends for the same issue ?
    Bach Flower remedies work on the underlying cause of an issue so this will be different for different people and at different times.
  • Are the Bach Flower remedies safe to take?
    Bach Flower remedies are safe to use. They are 100% pure so there is nothing in them that will cause a negative reaction. There are no side effects. They are safe to take alongside any medication or herbs you are taking. They are safe for children, animals, and you can take them if pregnant.
  • How long will the Bach Flower remedy take to work?
    Healing is always individual so it will vary from person to person. Sometimes a remedy will work immediately and other times the effects will gently unfold over days or weeks. Change can be subtle, deep, and often comes in unexpected ways. ​ ​The remedies may bring blocked or buried emotions to the surface. Know that this can be an indication that the remedy is working as it’s clearing and bringing things into balance.
  • What happens if I take the wrong remedy?
    It simply will have no effect. There's no risk in taking a remedy that's not for you.
  • Do sessions need to be in person?
    Sessions are online (usually via Zoom) so you can talk to me from the comfort of your own home. Or if you live in Wellington, you are welcome to see me in person in Brooklyn or the CBD.
  • Can a session include coaching or emotion code?
    Yes. We can tailor a session to fit exactly what you need the most.
  • How much does a Bach Flower session cost?
    Sessions are $150 NZD for a 60-minute session and a bespoke Bach Flower remedy + p&p if you live outside of NZ. You can also book a package of 3 sessions for $410.
  • How do I book an appointment?
    Just click this link and book in for your 60- minutes session.
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